Friday, March 11, 2005

Some weeks just wear you out

Here's an accounting of our evenings this week:

Monday we had a trip to the doughnut shop for Family Home Evening. We only had 10 minutes after dinner and before bedtime so we did the most important thing ... the treat.

Tuesday I had a temple recommend interview and Young Women, including bringing home a couple of less-active girls so I could give them our old phone. Theirs broke, leaving them with no way to call for rides to school. Their mom is a driver for the nearby prison and works odd hours, so no shopping was not going to be possible until the weekend. By the time I took them home it was 9 PM.

Wednesday I started work at 8 AM and didn't get home from a working reception until 8:30 ... my kids were asleep. This was a sad and tired day.

Yesterday Glenn stayed at work until 8:30 working on a proposal. I had a lovely time watching my kids play in the hose (I love California, have I mentioned?) then warming them up in a nice steamy bath and watching a silly chimpanzee movie before putting them to bed. Then I finished our taxes.

Today I have kiddoes again; we are going to rent movies and make dinner while waiting for Daddy to come home.

It's not that it's so bad. It just wears me out. I want us all home at 5:30, I want dinner done, I want time to chill out in the evenings. I know, it's totally unrealistic.

And the weekend offers no rest, as we are starting to clean and pack to move to a nicer house that I found for us this week. This will be lots of work but well worth it. I'm so excited to live in a place where I will not blush every time my visiting teachers even stop by to drop off a treat. Hasta la vista to the green shag carpet, baby!

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