Wednesday, March 02, 2005

It seemed that way yesterday

OK, so yesterday I wrote about how my times with my kids are now mostly happy times ... though they are shorter and fewer. What was I smoking?

Their dad had them at the park yesterday when I got home (I used to get to do that .... wah ...) and I started dinner. They trooped in the door and went straight for the cake in the fridge, completely ignoring my orders that it was for AFTER dinner. I intervened, pretty calmly, but only after my oldest had shoveled in a couple of bites (he's speedy!) Then when I put dinner on, they started whining about how yucky it was.

At this point I had to bang the wooden serving fork on the table and threaten that the next child who said he didn't like the food was going to feel it on his butt.

Miraculously, they both cleaned their plates.

Now that is keeping it real.

I think I slip easily into a misty, lovely perception of home life when I'm at work, and vice versa. I've got to really keep it real. That would be much healthier.

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Mrs. Jane Doe said...

Ahhh--I think you have my kids living in your house, or I have yours, or you and I are the same person. Something like that.

Kids whine and disobey; mom gets frustrated. Yup, yup.