Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Used to be home

We went to Fairbanks for our summer vacation.

There's some irony in hightailing it north just as soon as Montana gets habitable. But the Alaskan Interior is actually fabulous this time of year. June 17 we left a place that looked like Seattle (rainy, cold, and very very green) for a place that looked like ... well, I've never seen another place that looks like Fairbanks in June. It's also very green, but with big blue skies, light all night, flowers everywhere, and of course kajillions of mosquitos.

It's a strange feeling, visiting Fairbanks. I lived there from 1989 to 1992, then went back in the summers of 1993 and 4 after my first two years of college. And I've visited several other times. So for me, it is going back to a kind of home. Maybe a place that used to be home. But for Dr. G it is a very intense homecoming. He spent his whole life there until he left for Korea at age 19. He gets there and never wants to leave. I told him there is no place that is really like that for me. I've moved around too much. I guess maybe that means I'm wide open to finding my true home. That could be a good thing. (Montana is well on its way to proving itself. Right now it is spectacular!)

We stayed with Dr. G's parents (Dr. G the first, my enthusiastic, eccentric father in law who is a little like a 70-year-old version of my ADHD son, and his saint of a wife, my husband's amazing, sainted mother). We took it easy. We did little outings around town and the outlying area. Lots of river time. Lots of park time. Some great shopping and food. And lots of hanging out in G's childhood home with some fabulous pets. I really think we are going to have to get a dog.


Braden said...

WHy is Dr. G. wearing a mis-matched t-shirt in that first picture?

Ana said...

He was too cool to wear the race t-shirt to the race, I guess!