Friday, May 07, 2010

What goes around

Do you believe in karma?

I have a great-aunt named Carma, and she is for sure real and super nice. My wedding reception was at her house and she even let everybody come inside when a Utah late-summer thunderstorm started up.

The other kind of karma, I have always kind of thought was a nice idea, but this week it seems to be happening so fast I can't miss it.

I edited a resume for an extended family member at no charge. I got to send two invoices for paid projects. I love doing this so much I feel a little like Cordelia in Season 1 of Angel (nerd train, slow down, I need to get my other leg on board).

I watched kids for two friends on the same day. I got invited to a girls' movie night out. (Tonight! I am excited!)

I think Karma might be just like the rest of us girls. Nice when you treat her nice.


Marta said...

Glad to hear it was good karma, not bad! What movie will you see? I'm dying to see Iron Man 2.

mim said...

yay! I am glad things are going so well and that you have a lot of friends so fast!

Anonymous said...
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