Saturday, November 28, 2009

Happy birthday, I've taken apart your life

Z is 3 today. We had a little mini party last week with her cute little friend A. Another friend was supposed to come but flaked on us. Thankfully three is too little to be too upset when only one friend comes to your party. We still had cupcakes, pink jello, and a Snow White doll. It was all good.

Everything is completely taken apart in our house. Packed in boxes and stacked in the garage. Only mattresses and scattered toys and big, heavy things inside. I tackled the oven today - inside it and under it. I hate that job. I think I will wait until Monday to tackle the fridge. Then the church ladies are coming (oh, I love the church ladies, they bring me food) and I will put them on windows and cabinets. I think the carpets are going to be a loss in this house. We have trashed them beyond repair. C'est la vie with little kids.

Monday we pack the truck. Tuesday we have a little farewell bash on campus, then we leave town. How sad, just when the streets are carpeted in the red and gold pistache leaves and berries, the air is clear from breezes blowing through, the temperatures are a beautiful 60-ish all day and cold and bracing at night.

Meantime I can look forward to another Sunday bawling my way through church. This sounds bad, but I am kind of ready to stop saying goodbye, and just go.

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kris... said...

Aw, Ana, I just couldn't imagine what you guys are going through right now! Uprooting your lives like this... so scary!!! Best of luck with the move.... and Happy Birthday to Zora!