Monday, September 14, 2009

News survey

Dr.G asked me to help him find a news article about the environment that he can assign to his Environment in Crisis class. I found a bevy of interesting stories from a few major news outlets. Fascinating reading.

* A long article about costs and impacts of cheap food
* Fairly short article about water management in Singapore
* Short Q&A with a couple that spent a year trying to have no environmental impact
* Fairly short article about how wind farms threaten birds
* Fairly short about how decreasing biodiversity threatens human health
* Q&A about how our purchases affect the environment
* Saving Indonesian rainforests
* Discussion of the cap-and-trade bill now before Congress
* Debate over nuclear power in Germany
* Transcontinental highway under construction in the Amazon Rainforest - a whole series with photos, airing all this week on NPR
* The extinction of the Christmas Island bat


annie said...

IT's gonna take me a week just to view these all!! Give me your BEST recommendation. :o)

Ana said...

The NPR series looks so cool, with lots of great photos and audio. If I were choosing one for cool factor, that would be it.

If I were choosing the most responsible one, the cap-and-trade story probably has the most immediate importance to OUR country.