Monday, May 11, 2009


I got an e-mail this morning from our adoptions worker (a Mormon guy, actually, who grew up in our ward) saying that he got our files back from Sacramento where they have been for the past several weeks waiting on a state clearance for the kids to be adopted.

Z's is clear. For K they asked for additional information on his bio parents. Our worker has sent the information.

We need to pray that they will get back to it quickly and clear it. We want to seal these kids in June when our families are here for A's baptism!

Join us, won't you? And add in a little word about the job we are waiting for word about ... we really want it. (Sorry I can't give more info there, but there is a really cool surprise for someone in the making if he gets it!! Anybody who knows, shhhhhh!)

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Braden said...

Yay on Z!!!!! How exciting we will pray for the rest of the red tape to be cleared quickly