Sunday, April 19, 2009


Just in case you didn't know yet, the season for roasting and baking is officially over. Done. Today I made pork roast and peanut butter cookies (I know, huh? They were good) and I am dying in my house. It got so freaking hot. Now the open windows and ceiling fans are finally starting to do their job and I am not sweating in my computer chair. I am so not turning the AC on yet. We are too poor for that.

The kids got to play in the hose today. It was 91 degrees according to Sally Lou, and I am a lax Mormon mommy who doesn't feel that's a Sabbath breaker, so sue me. They put it up on the roof to create a waterfall. My kids are smart and danger-happy. Me, I figure if the roof can survive a Central Valley winter it can certainly take a garden hose for a couple of hours. We have definitely had rainstorms that have dumped more water on it than that.

My cooking has been less inspired lately because we are relying on food sources that steer us more toward the most basic of basics. But maybe I can get my mojo on with the grill and the ice cream maker, officially being fired up this week.

Bye-bye, roasty toasty. Hello, grill marks and frozen treats.


Valerie said...

Ugh, I'm so in the mood for grill marks, except the weather here is still sort of warm stew-y. It's all rainy here. Spring rain, but still, rain. Not exactly popsicle weather.

Braden said...

Wow, your basic stuff still sounds pretty good to me!

Lucy said...

I'm in the mood to grill too. I've been at a loss as to what to cook for months now. Salads and grilling...perfect.

Tandy said...

Ugh, I hate the heat like that! We didn't have AC downstairs last summer at all (still don't, but hoping to rectify that by the end of May). It was miserable any time we used the oven or stovetop.

Aaron made yummy kabobs today on the grill, even though it was 45ish degrees with a mix of rain, snow and hail. I love grill and salad season! Utah's weather hasn't caught up to speed quite yet.