Tuesday, November 23, 2004

How to host Thanksgiving in two short days

So I'm working, and having submitted my main story for the day I can let my thoughts turn to food. Specifically, Thanksgiving food. I'm having guests for the big meal, which is two days away. So far, all I've done is mix the dip. I have two evenings to finish any advance preparations, evenings meaning from 8:30 - 11:00 PM (after I get home, fix dinner and put kids to bed) which is not a lot. Tonight I will chop vegetables and cube bread for stuffing. Tomorrow, I'll bake pies and mix roll dough. Thankfully (just how we should be at this time of year) my friend Jeannine is bringing the mashed potatoes, since mine always turn out like glue.

Here's the menu:

Raw vegetables, crackers and dip (the dip is done!)
Roast turkey (you rub this with Miracle Whip instead of basting, a fabulous trick)
Bread stuffing with celery, sage and onion
Mashed potatoes by Jeannine
Pan gravy
Cranberry-orange sauce
Out-of-this-World Rolls
Green bean bundles (I HATE that casserole with the fried onions on it)
Yams by Jeannine
Green salad
Cranberry-apple sparkling cider

Pumpkin pie
Dutch apple pie
Steamed pudding with rum-flavored hard sauce

As I finished this list, I got a call from a major paper on a notice I sent out this week. Had to quickly shift gears and retrieve information about arsenic contamination and professors, set up interviews, and get my job done. A great example of how I have to shift gears a lot of the time!

Undercurrents in my brain right now:

Where is my three-year-old going to go tomorrow? The preschool is closed and my friends are out of town.

Must take care of two parking tickets.

Tax bill dug out from a pile of garbage on my desk at home needs immediate attention. Maybe in between cooking tasks tonight.

And so -- welcome to my blog. This is how life works around here!

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